01. The teacher [warned] him not to look at his neighbor's paper, or risk getting a zero on the test.
02. Karen [warned] me not to baby-sit my neighbors' kids because they're such little brats.
03. The government is considering making the [warning] labels on cigarette packages even bigger.
04. Analysts are [warning] that if inflation is not brought under control, thousands of jobs could be lost.
05. The doctor [warned] him that if he didn't lose weight, he risked having a major heart attack.
06. H. L. Mencken once said that our conscience is the inner voice which [warns] us that someone may be looking.
07. Someone once said that it may be that one's whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a [warning] to others.
08. The policeman only gave me a [warning] when he stopped me for speeding.
09. Cigarette packages in this country have health [warnings] to deter people from smoking.
10. There is a Chilean proverb which states that he who is [warned] in time is saved.
11. To [warn] off other males, the orangutans of South-east Asia burp loudly to declare their territory.
12. Their music CDs often have a [warning] label attached because of the bad language in their songs.
13. Police have [warned] people to be careful because a bear has been seen in the area.
14. I hit the taxi after the driver changed lanes without [warning].
15. The Martian Ambassador to Earth has [warned] that his government will not tolerate the continued destruction of the environment of his planet by our astronauts.
16. Before backing up your car, it is a good idea to give a [warning] tap on your horn if you can't see what is coming.
17. A message sent to the police has [warned] of a bomb being planted outside a busy department store in London today.
18. He [warned] him not to touch his girlfriend again or he would punch him.
19. Medical experts [warn] that the only effective method of controlling widespread HIV infection is to prevent risk-taking behavior.
20. Firemen were [warning] everyone to stay away from the burning building.
21. Police are [warning] people to be on the lookout for an escaped prisoner who is said to be armed and dangerous.
22. The pygmy people of Africa are said to be very shy, and if approached without [warning] may run off into the forest.
23. Students whose attendance falls below 80% will receive a [warning] letter.
24. Scientists [warn] that if humankind is going to have a future on this planet, we must reduce pollution.
25. In 2002, China [warned] Taiwan that a vote on independence would lead the island to "disaster".
26. Frank has been on time every day ever since his boss [warned] him not to be late again.
27. During World War Two, parrots were kept on the Eiffel Tower to [warn] of enemy aircraft.
28. Scientists [warn] that a thinning of the ozone layer could lead to a rise in skin cancer.
29. Any trucks which carry dangerous chemicals carry [warning] signs.
30. The doctor [warned] the patient not to do too much after the operation until his strength came back.
31. The lion roared to [warn] the hyenas to keep away.
32. Union leaders have [warned] the government that a strike is possible if negotiations fail.
33. There is a message on cigarette packages which [warns] that if a pregnant mother smokes, it can harm the baby.
34. Yellow diamond-shaped road signs [warn] of possible dangers ahead.
35. Every 90 minutes in the United States, a train crashes into a car, despite the [warning] systems.
36. She received a mysterious letter [warning] her to be careful.
37. He forgave his little brother for breaking his toy airplane, but [warned] him to be more careful the next time.
38. The accident at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl was a [warning] of the dangers of this technology.
39. Someone put a sign up on a telephone pole on our street [warning] people that there is a dangerous dog on the loose.
40. The policeman just gave me a [warning] rather than a speeding ticket.
41. A recent report by the UN [warns] that 70% of the natural world will be destroyed over the next half century.
42. In May of 1980, U.S. nuclear forces twice went on red alert following a computer error [warning] of a Soviet attack.

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